Alexa Araw

A current neuro-trauma nurse, her clinical experience ranges from critical care to emergency room nursing. Her twenty years of critical care nursing has been served in San Mateo County Hospital, California Pacific Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente. She stays actively involved in her hospital-based committees focused on falls prevention and infection control. She is also a member of a consultation group helping transition San Mateo County Hospital to computer-based charting.

She graduated with honors from San Juan de Dios College of Nursing, in Manila, Philippines, for her undergraduate BSN. She completed her Masters degree at the University of the Philippines. Her nursing test-preparation experience spans 15 years at an international scale.

Alexa conducts lecture series for NCLEX-RN/PN and CGFNS Test preparation classes. Our students love her for her style of teaching as she keeps them always perky and attentive when she teaches Physiological Nursing content and exam review.