Janette Villanueva-Moreno

Janette has proven leadership ability providing her with the unique skills and insights to do an outstanding job as a clinical and academia nursing educator, nursing school organization consultant, nursing curriculum development specialist, and NCLEX PN/RN review expert.

She possesses in-depth knowledge and clinical expertise as well as extensive experience in both clinical and academia teaching, including precepting students and new graduate nurses in critical care setting along with 15 years of clinical practice as a registered nurse providing direct patient care.

In addition, Janette have competent skills in developing mandatory education curriculum in clinical settings for both nursing and non-nursing staff as well as competent skills in preparing nursing students for the nursing licensure examination.

She has a thorough knowledge of accreditation, regulation, and standards of nursing practice in both acute and long-term care facilities.

Furthermore, Janette put passion and determination in conducting clinical simulation training among healthcare providers that focuses on quality initiative programs in an effort to enhance patient outcomes of care. She had the opportunity of conducting Sepsis training to improve patient outcomes using advance simulation around California as well as New Jersey under Medical Simulation Corporation, a simulation company based in Denver, Colorado. She is currently a Nursing Development Specialist at Stanford Hospitals in Clinics, managing Project TRANSFORM - a simulation-driven, patient safety program aimed at improving patient safety outcomes.

Students enjoy her ability to provide a variety of teaching styles that enable her to address individual student needs. She teaches Physiological Nursing content and exam review.