What is D&D's NCLEX pass rate?

D&D currently has a 95% pass rate. The common denominators of those who passed include: enrollment to our NCLEX COMPLETE Review Program (Live + Online), compliance to all the recommended & assigned activities, and coach-ability (listens to the recommendations of the assigned review specialist) of the NCLEX candidate. However, if the student is still unsuccessful in passing the NCLEX after completion of the recommended review program, D&D will provide a one-time attendance to our next live review for FREE which must be completed within 6 months from the last review date he/she has attended. To be eligible for a FREE review, the student must meet all of the following:

  1. Must have paid all the fees of the previous review class attended in full.
  2. Must have attended all days of the live review.
  3. Must have watched all the online video lectures.
  4. Must have completed all the online exams. Required general average for Post Tests, Comprehensive, and Final Diagnostic Exams: PNs = 65% and above; RNs = 75% and above.
  5. Must have received a "Go Ahead and Take the NCLEX" recommendation from a D&D Review Specialist after undergoing the final individual evaluation.
  6. Must have taken the NCLEX within 3 months after attending the live review.
  7. Must have provided a copy of the NCLEX failure notice and candidate performance report for verification.

What if I want to sit-in and retake D&D's Live Review?

Students who were enrolled in the NCLEX COMPLETE Review Program but have not taken or passed the NCLEX within 6 months from the last review date they attended are allowed to sit-in on the next live review class and are given 50% off the published live review fee. Reservations depend on the availability of seats. Separate fees are applied to the D&D’s Online Review.

What if I need more time in using D&D's Online Review?

D&D offers an option to extend enrollment should the student needs more time using the online course. Student will get continuous access to the completed exams and other assigned activities online for a fee.

What is D&D's Refund and Cancellation Policy (NCLEX, HESI and CEU)?

- Live Class Reservation Fee - A $50 non-refundable fee is included in the total review fee.

- D&D Live Class Rescheduling and Cancellation - Schedules, venues and details are subject to change and cancellation. D&D reserves the right to reschedule or cancel live review classes prior to the proposed start date for any reason. Registered students will be provided with as much advance notice as possible if this should occur (usually 1 week before). If D&D cancels any class, D&D will either refund the fee paid for the live review or transfer fee to another review date the student will select.

- Student's Live Class Cancellation - Student may cancel registration and enrollment by providing a written cancellation notice at least 5 days prior to the first day of the live class. Non-attendance of the live classes is not considered as an official withdrawal or cancellation. If a student cancels a confirmed class reservation, the $50 reservation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

- D&D's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Enrollment Cancellation - The student may cancel his/her registration by providing a written cancellation notice. FULL REFUND will be issued with the following conditions: The student has notified D&D 5 days after registration and has not accessed the online course. Not being able to access the online course materials due to any reason other than D&D’s system failure within the period of enrollment does not mean non-usage of the online course. No CREDIT or REFUND will be provided for unused periods. Upon receipt and confirmation of cancellation, D&D’s VLE account will be immediately deactivated and access to online course materials will be denied.

- Computer Adaptive Learning Resource Cancellation - Due to Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) policy on their online course subscription, this feature of the review program is 100% NONREFUNDABLE. The 3 months access/enrollment will start on the day the code provided is activated. No CREDIT or REFUND will be provided for unused periods.

D&D's Easy Payment Plans for NCLEX and HESI Live Reviews:

D&D offers convenient ways to pay for your live in-class reviews. These will allow you to register for the least amount up front as possible, and lets you pay the remaining balance of your review fee on the 1st day of the live class. Please be aware that these easy payment plans DO NOT apply to other D&D products and services.

Easy Payment Plan Schedule:

1st Payment (fees due upon registration):

= Live In-Class Reservation Fee

= Online Course Enrollment Fee

2nd Payment (fees due on the 1st day of the live class):

= Remaining balance of the live class fee