Libby Aguayo

Viktoria Tsilker

Jose Manzano

D&D has excellent teachers who were able to deliver the information with very clear and simplified way that is so easy to understand.  The classroom was always packed, which I have not seen throughout my entire nursing program.

K. Singh VN | Modesto, CA

Just got my result today! Thank you D&D, especially Ms. Alexa and Ms. Janette. I was able to visualize your faces emphasizing key points during my exam. I was able to retain, retain, retain!!!  You were all so wonderful. I don’t think I could have entered the exam center more confident without your review program. Thanks ‘again… colleagues!’”

M. Rivera RN | Sacramento, CA

How fun! That’s all I can say when I attended your live review. Your company has such a lively group of non-sterile, professional nurses that definitely teach outside of the box. I never had instructors like the ones from your review program. I had many intelligent professors but definitely not with as much personality as you guys. Thanks for helping me meet my goals of finally become an RN!!!!!!!

T. Topchiev VN | Fresno, CA

I took three review programs before yours. I am a foreign graduate who took the NCLEX-RN twice and failed. Sitting in your class on day one I was a bit hesitant in believing that this would work. But as the lecturer proceeded, I was hearing so many topics that definitely showed up in my NCLEX exams that I did not know the answer to. I was hooked from then on. I loved how you guys were able to build back my confidence. 10 years of reviewing and 3 NCLEX attempts, you were the answer to my prayer. Thank you D&D. I wish I heard of you guys way before.

H. Velasquez RN | San Francisco, CA

You guys are my idols. I wish I can one day be like one of you: so intelligent, so personable, so approachable, so ambitious, so passionate!  You are fabulous!  I thank you for helping me with the final leg of my journey in becoming a nurse. I will definitely send friends and family your way.

Y. Olufumbemi VN | San Jose, CA

To the point!!! The questions and topics discussed are spot on; I would say 85% are exactly what I received in my NCLEX-PN examination. I can’t thank you enough D&D. You were the best part of my nursing program.

Y, Harris VN | San Mateo, CA

Thank you for helping me navigate through the overwhelming amount of information that was in front of me. I am definitely not self-motivated to study. I needed you all to be my ‘personal trainers’ in order for me to actually set time to prepare for the exam. It is so easy to get distracted with life when you have nothing to actually go to that is an environment that keeps you focused.

P. Summers RN | New York, NY

I am glad you were all able to come out to the east coast. We have nothing quite like you guys. I took Kaplan to review and another online review program. None worked for me. I think those review programs are more for students who came from universities and colleges that probably have their programs in order so that they are already well- prepared to take the NCLEX even without a review. I love all your coaches!

A. Johnson VN | Baltimore, MD

No dry and boring lectures with D&D educators. I definitely finished the review program fully confident going into my NCLEX.

D. Zilker RN | Fresno, CA

I probably could’ve just taken your one-month review and passed the NCLEX, without completing my nursing program. That is how much I learned from your review.

R. Velasco RN | South Riding, VA

You definitely know how to sell nursing. You make everything so interesting and fun that I didn’t even know I was sitting in a review class. I just wished you had audio and video available of your lectures to supplement my review experience and help me retain the information while I wait three months for my authorization to test.

G. Kaur VN | Concord, CA