Why D&D?

  1. Simplified approach – our concept-based approach review focuses on “need to know” only content;
  2. Quality vs. quantity – we know you are busy, so we focus on having you understand key concepts on a deeper level, rather than memorize hundreds of lists, so you can cut your studying in half and retain the most critical information;
  3. Experienced NCLEX facilitators – our facilitators are practicing clinicians and nurse educators, who have taken the NCLEX computer adaptive test (CAT). NCLEX facilitators are specially trained to provide students the “aha!” moments by organizing nursing concepts in a simple and visual way, and placing it in the context of current nursing practice.
  4. Complete tools – with concise reading materials, thousands of application and analysis level questions, and short, engaging videos, there is no excuse not to pass;
  5. Coaching till you pass the NCLEX – we care that you pass and we stick with you until you do. We are here to help you develop a realistic study plan; confirm your readiness for the NCLEX; and help you identify, & create action plans to address your areas of weakness.